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[Handling of personal information]

We would like to inform you about how we handle personal information related to our inquiries and other services. We kindly ask for your consent to the following before making inquiries.


1. Use of Personal Information:

We will retain and use your personal information for the following purposes:

Personal Information

● Name

● Email address

● Phone number

● Address
Purpose of Use:

● Used as data for responding to inquiries from service users through our company.

● Used by our company for selling and recommending products by phone, mail, email, SMS, etc.

2. Provision / Consignment of Personal Information to a Third Party:

  •  We will use personal information we hold only for the purpose of the uses described in the preceding paragraph, and will not provide them to any third party.

  • We may outsource all or part of the acquired personal information to a third party, such as a business consignee, to the extent necessary for the above purposes, after taking necessary protective measures. These third parties may include those outside Japan.

3. Requests for Disclosure / Deletion / Correction of Personal Information:

  • You can request we disclose personal information about you.

  • In addition, if there are any errors or changes to the customer's personal information held by us, we can request correction, addition, deletion, etc.

4. Optional Entry Items:

• Filling in items other than the required items is optional. Please complete as required.

5. Contact Us:

• For inquiries, disclosures, corrections, deletions, suspension of use, and other questions regarding personal information, please contact us on the following.:

Company name Equin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Address: 7-30-48 Tokiwadaira, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture Blue Box TEL 047-710-8189

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