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Company overview

Why we recommended its use.

① We are proud of our excellent quality. We undertake all stages from the planning right through to the completion of the manufactured product.
In an ever-changing industry, we have set high standards in product development.
We would appreciate it if you could visit our website and consider working with us.

② We manufacture supplements planned and developed in-house at our partner pharmaceutical manufacturing factories.

③ Equin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience making excellent products.

We provide high quality and innovative products for corporate and individual customers


We are here.
In an ever-changing industry, we hope to continue to be at the forefront of progress.

Company Overview



Equin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


7-30-48 Tokiwadaira, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture


+81 047-710-8189


Development, manufacture and sale of animal supplements


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